Andy Herd’s CV


Data Engineer/ Software Developer
Jun 2018 – Present

JP Morgan Chase & Co

Senior Associate Applications Developer
Oct 2016 – Jun 2018
Key technologies: Python (including some Django), Git, Neo4j

Wood Mackenzie

Senior Data Engineer, Wood Mackenzie Data Strategy & Mgmt / Data Science
Jan 2015 – Oct 2016
Key technologies: Python, Git, SQL Server, Neo4j, Cypher, MS Excel, MS Access

My role was a combination of business analysis and data process engineering to prepare the business for predictive analytics projects. My focus was on developing Python scripts to integrate with and enhance existing applications. I developed an oil price model by using Python for data processing and linear programming with a front-end in MS Excel, which was the centrepiece in a commercially successful consulting project for a valued client.

I launched data governance at Wood Mackenzie by performing a survey of data provenance, compiling the results into a Neo4j graph database and making the results available for my colleagues to access. I quickly spotted the significant commercial opportunity which Neo4j presents and learnt how it can be used by creating Cypher queries. I built a Python script to automatically document several MS Access databases, parsing the SQL and creating a Neo4j graph database. This makes metadata easy to find and saves countless days on impact analysis whilst still continuing to build the picture of how data flows through the company.

I am confident in designing and building SQL Server databases to overhaul manual processes, for example using Python to extract data from hundreds of MS Excel files and populate a database. I had a significant influence on data strategy as I was one of the leaders of a new program of “data process excellence” projects, setting the vision for what Wood Mackenzie’s data processes should look there and guiding the team on how to reach our ambitious goals.

I was a trusted source of expert knowledge, and I was often responsible for taking the lead on the data aspect of complex projects. My most satisfying moments in Wood Mackenzie were when I ‘reknitted’ processes; transforming a time-consuming manual process into something that’s slick and intuitive.

(Senior) Data Analyst, Wood Mackenzie Energy Markets Team
Apr 2010 – Jan 2015
Key technologies: SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), MS Excel, MS Access, Tibco Spotfire, VBA

Prior to my time in Wood Mackenzie’s Data Strategy and Management team, I was responsible for managing and automating the data processes for a team of research analysts. I developed and launched a SQL server database of power plant data. My work made it possible for the team to transform a spreadsheet-driven approach into a global dataset which was subsequently launched to clients. Knowing that the interface I built would be for my colleagues across the world, I used SSIS to create an efficient transfer of data from the MS Excel front-end, achieving quick, consistent and reliable performance for all colleagues. This was a feat which had never before been managed in the business, and I achieved it despite never having used SQL Server or SSIS previously.

I assumed ownership of the complex topic of units and conversion factors, which are vital to the energy industry. This involved researching and calculating every single energy conversion from scratch. I released my findings in a publication to every single client, a privilege only granted to a select few analysts. Building on my achievement, I developed an Excel & VBA tool which is far better and more dynamic than any other tool available elsewhere. Subsequently this tool has been rolled out to all employees, and my work made it possible for Wood Mackenzie to improve consistency in this vital business process.

Other noteworthy achievements include:

  • Rebuilt the web-based Wood Mackenzie Energy Markets data tool using Tibco Spotfire (a business intelligence BI tool similar to Tableau). This directly contributed to an increase in client usage of 240% in 2013.
  • In 2014 I was promoted and became line manager to one of the other Data Analysts in the team.
  • Created a database to retrieve data from multiple sources, used daily by a team of analysts to save them time and ensure forecasts are aligned and integrated with other parts of the business.
  • On my own initiative I made countless improvements to MS Excel & MS Access processes to increase robustness, usability and reliability.

Scottish & Newcastle Pub Company (SNPC)

Finance Analyst
Oct 2007 – Apr 2010
Key technologies: MS Excel, MS Access, VBA

The focus of my role at SNPC was in redeveloping processes to increase team efficiency, primarily using MS Excel and VBA. I used MS Access, despite having no prior experience with this application, to rebuild a reporting system to monitor capital & acquisition expenditure returns for Leadership Team reporting. I also helped to create and deliver a training course on MS Excel to internal staff.